Dr. Naccarato’s Coaching Program

What is the Coaching Program?
Dr. Naccarato won’t just teach you what he did while he was in practice, rather he will help you identify and eliminate weaknesses that are holding you back while identifying and capitalizing on the strengths you need to move forward. By working with Dr. Naccarato, you are committing to succeed. He will hold you accountable and encourage you to achieve your goals.
Why do You Need It?
One doctor cannot do it all. Many doctors have the knowledge and skills necessary to be excellent chiropractors, yet struggle to build successful practices. Dr. Naccarato will analyze your practice from the outside in and provide the highly-specialized information and guidance you need to build your successful practice.
Why Dr. Naccarato?

Dr. Naccarato has been helping doctors build successful practices full of patients who stay, pay, and refer for over 30 years. He will give you honest and direct coaching that, at times, will feel like tough medicine. That’s OK! It’s worth it! His program is personalized to meet your specific needs and is based on principles of dignity and integrity.

To find out for yourself, call us at 801-224-3795, or email us at drjim@rpchiro.com to set up your no-charge initial coaching session.


Bill Clearfield DO

John Aznar DC

Program Focus

Dr. Naccarato’s program teaches you how to succeed and prosper by understanding that people make up the foundation of every successful practice. The following pyramid illustrates how the human element impacts the other aspects of every practice:


The numbers you are committed to achieve


What you and your staff do or the procedures you follow to achieve your goals


You, your staff, and your patients

The chart flows upward. To achieve your goals, focus on people first, you and your staff’s actions second, and your goals third.

Many doctors believe that to build a successful practice, all they need to do is focus on procedures. Not true. There are many excellent doctors who do everything by the book and yet remain on the verge of bankruptcy. To succeed and prosper you must master the human element. Everything flows up from there!