5 Steps to Building a Successful Practice

Are these things hurting your practice?

  • Spinal screeners to drive patients into your office
  • Contracts and pre-pay agreements
  • Free services, reduced fees, or family plans
  • Memorized scripts and the same treatment recommendations for all patients
  • Machines to convince patients they need care

To succeed, you must focus on the 5 steps to success:

  1. Becoming the Right Doctor
  2. Hiring the Right Staff
  3. Finding the Right Patients
  4. Increasing Income
  5. Sticking With It

You and your staff will discover how to increase your number of:

  • New Patients- Not just initial exams, but the number of new patients who choose to continue care
  • Patient Visits- Actual paying patients, not just people seen
  • Services- The total amount you bill each month after write-offs that is considered collectable
  • Collections- Cash, insurance, workman's comp, and personal injury revenues