Seminar Testimonials

Dr. Jim's seminar is loaded with state of the art practice building data, skills, and technology. The material is presented in an easy to implement format. I highly recommend Dr. Jim's seminar for the new as well as the established practitioner desiring to build a low overhead practice full of patients who stay, pay, and refer.
Lew Wheelwright DC

I have been to lots of practice management seminars. During the classes I pray that the door is shut so that people don't hear what we are being taught. Worst of all... I hope a patient doesn't wander in. This seminar is one I wish we could have the door wide open so all could hear. This seminar is one I wish I could invite my patients to attend so that they can know the truth about how well they are being treated.
Freeman Brackett DC

I found Dr Naccarato to be informative and practical. The strategies and advice he gave were very useful. His style of presentation was entertaining yet very focused to the issues at hand. I would highly recommend that if you have a chance to hear Dr. Naccarato--Do It.
Dr. David Benevento, CFO California Chiropractic Association

Dear Dr. Naccarato, I and my staff very much appreciated your speaking at our seminar. Not only were you bright, articulate and focused, your no-nonsense approach appealed greatly to my staff and myself. Your themes were concrete and fact-heavy. Your message of changing the doctor to change the practice makes practical and pragmatic sense. I look forward to further insights and inspiration from you both personally and for the CCA.
Maia James DC - Secretary, California Chiropractic Association

Great seminar! Very interesting, fast-paced, exciting, and informative. I can implement the information immediately. Thank you!
Donna Yerman DC

Best chiropractic seminar I have ever attended. I have been to others and even though the information was good, it didn't fit. This fits!
Duane Eyre DC

I have watched and coached Jim for years. The balance between his business and personal life allows him to teach by example, not just words. I know more than most the depth of his gift to love, inspire and guide others to achieve true success in their lives! To succeed in today's health care market, you must attend this seminar!
Leo Weidner, Author of "Achieving The Balance"

I have been with Dr. Naccarato for nine years. This seminar is exceptionally good. Several ideas presented will be applied to my practice this week. Your work assists me to stay in the top 20%.
Jeff States DC

After being a C.A. for 8 years and attending many practice-building seminars, it is a pleasure to attend a seminar that makes so much sense, is so simple, and rings true. Great Job!!
Fara Swanson, C.A.

Dr. Naccarato teaches true principles about human relations, serving others, and internal motivation. I appreciate seeing that kind of leadership in our profession. He is doing a good service to chiropractic but even more importantly he is impacting the personal lives of individuals in a positive and divine way. Thanks for your influence on mine.
David Price DC

I have been to many management seminars and have been taught that to succeed in practice I need to do procedures I don't feel comfortable doing. With this approach I know I can get an A+. I can do it all.
Mark Lafferty DC