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Weekly Practice Building Tip
#1 Never Quit

Success isn't easy. You cannot walk away from your challenges or abandon your goals when the heat turns up; you have to take it one step at a time and do whatever it takes to achieve your goals, especially when you don't want to.


  • Set clearly defined goals.
  • Determine the specific action steps required to achieve said goals.
  • Track and measure your progress.
  • If you get off track, get back on track immediately.
  • Never quit.

Everyone who achieves their goals does so by conquering and solving what feels like insurmountable/unsolvable problems. For most, it is a battle between doing what they know they need to do and not doing what they should not do. Regardless!

"You did not come to this earth to get by or fail.
You came to this earth to succeed." -Gordon B. Hinckley

Truth: Everyone you know and everything you do is either positively affected by your success or negatively affected by a lack thereof.

Bottom line: Quitting while in the pursuit of achieving a goal is not an option. It is serious pathology that requires treatment. The good news... the success you will achieve by accomplishing your goals will far exceed any curative pain you will need to go through, so treat it today!

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